MAP helps to see the past


MAP helps to see the past

Project MAP Platform plans to change the approach to global mapping, creating the actual high-precision and three-dimensional map of the world to anyone able to access the single digital representation of the physical space in the present and even the past.

Geolocation and maps have always been companions in our life, but now we increasingly use apps to search, travel planning, entertainment, location of relatives, emergency alerts, or purchases of goods. MAP Platform plans to combine all this in one blockchain-a platform where everyone will be able to update and receive this income.

One of the major functions of the project will be the construction of complex air and ground routes, using high-precision coordinate and the finished volume models to recreate real-world objects from different periods. This information will enable you to return to any point in time.

With the help of a MAP Platform, application developers, architects, construction companies, map services will be able to create and introduce new services that are now impossible to use with GPS, Wi-Fi or other similar tracking technologies. The team expects that the product will be of interest to major corporations and will be integrated into agriculture, routing, routing, and route optimization for drones, ground vehicles, logistic systems, virtual and augmented reality.

After the formation of the concept and recruitment of a team of experts, the project began fundraising for the development of the platform. MAP ICO will end on November 30, 2018, but prior to October 24 will be pre-sale of tokens during the bonus of 30% with a minimum investment amount of 0.5 ETH. The price of tokens 1000 MPLT=1 ETH. Token holders will be the sole beneficiaries of the profits from ads and any other information in the volumetric model of the world platform MAP.

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