Maxim Oreshkin: “the excitement around cryptocurrencies is diminishing”


Today, interest in the cryptocurrency is dropping, said the Minister of economic development of Russia Maxim Oreshkin.

“The hype that was around this topic six months ago, comes to naught”, – he told, answering a question of one of participants of the youth forum “Ivolga-2018” is held in Samara region.

In his opinion, this is due to the understanding that in its current form, cryptocurrencies are not able to play the role of traditional currencies.

“With regard to cryptocurrency, I wouldn’t call them rivals. The currency is that you can use in everyday life and has a stable value. Cryptocurrency is more of scriptactive, which can fluctuate in price very sharply, and therefore the role of currency in its current state, of course, will not play,” – said the Minister of economic development.

Previously, he was of the opinion that the development of the cryptocurrency at the global level resembles a pyramid scheme.

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