Media: bitcoin exchange Bitfinex found a banking partner in Hong Kong, and the Tether is in the Bahamas


Bitcoin exchange Bitfinex has partnered with the Hong Kong Bank of Communications, partly owned by the financial conglomerate HSBC Holdings. Payments will pass through private account of the company Prosperity Revenue Merchandising Limited, according to The Block, citing informed sources.

Note that the correspondent banks when transferring funds from Bank of Communications in the US is Citibank. The same role was performed and Wells Fargo for Taiwanese partners Bitfinex before suspended processing service iFinex Inc. and Tether Ltd. in April 2017.

However, it is unknown whether aware of HSBC or Citibank in cooperation with Bitfinex.

At the same time, Tether Ltd., according to the publication, entered into an agreement with the Bahamas Deltec Bank. Sources also added that some operators of OTC platforms also expressed a desire to open accounts in the Bank for direct cooperation with the Issuer USDT.

It is noteworthy that while banking Bitfinex was allegedly performed by the American branch of HSBC Bank N. A., and payments passed through the accounts of the company Global Trading Solutions, LLC.

Recall, October 16, the stock exchange introduced a new mechanism for making Fiat deposits.

It was previously reported abnormal falling prices USDT to $0,92. Some analysts suggested that the big players tried to get out of the asset. Now, however, the rate returned to around $0,97.

Add that to the background of panic in the market, the representatives of the Tether Ltd. again publicly confirmed that all tokens are fully provided with Fiat US dollars.

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