Media: the British Professor presented a proof of the Riemann hypothesis


British-Lebanese mathematician may have found proof of the conjecture of Bernard Riemann, on which the whole of modern cryptography.

Professor at the University of Edinburgh and winner of many awards in the field of applied mathematics, sir Michael Francis Atiyah, presented their evidence on Monday at the Heidelberg laureates forum (HLF).

A hypothesis about the location of the zeros of the Zeta function was formulated by Bernhard Riemann in 1859. It is closely connected with studies of the distribution of Prime numbers in natural row. Proof or refutation of the Riemann hypothesis was a breakthrough in such applied fields of mathematics, like cryptography. For example, it would have affected the measurement of the resistance of cryptoprotocol RSA, the solvability of which depends on the complexity of the decomposition of integer into Prime factors.

In the early 2000-ies of his proof of the conjecture was presented by the Professor of mathematics from Purdue University and recipient of the Edward Elliott, Louis de brange de Bourcia and American mathematician Xiang-Jin Lee. However, after the publication of the proofs have been refuted.

Now the scientific community is to examine new evidence. If it’s true, Professor Atiyah will find not only world fame, but the reward in the amount of one million dollars.

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