Medium introduces new requirements on cryptocurrency projects


Medium introduces new requirements on cryptocurrency projects

After Google, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have begun to impose restrictions on the advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO and marketers cryptocurrency startups have been actively looking for other ways to attract attention to their projects, the social journalism site Medium made its own position on the topic.

Noting that CryptoStream often do not verify their purchases accounts on a Medium, the representatives of the courts recommended that the user carefully to independently verify the published projects for information and avoid fraud, and also introduced some new rules to post about cryptocurrency.

Now the authors of the materials on cryptocurrency products or their sales must include an active link to the domain project in your account, and link to the domain and to verify on Medium your email address. In addition, to account for a Medium to tie the page in Facebook or Twitter, indicating the same domain. Additionally you need to create a page with relevant contact information. Note that new publications can be specified no more than one e-wallet.

At the same time on the Medium is prohibited to use an anonymous email address that is not tied to the domain of the project (including gmail, protonmail, etc.). The authors not advertise or participate in bounty programs, schemes, pumping and dumping, as well as to write about the reward and to participate in other suspicious activity. In the message text can not include naked links or shortened URLS. Under the ban also got a practice of re-use of slightly modified boilerplate content in the publications from one or multiple accounts.

For violation of these rules accounts can be removed from the site as spam.

Recall that advertisers found a way around the Facebook ban on the publication of advertisements related to cryptocurrency and ICO. For this they used a technique popular among email spammers: replace letters.

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