Meltem Demirors: Nothing is decentralized


Director of strategy Coinshare and co-organizer of California blockchain conference CryptoSprings Meltem Demirors opened the event with the phrase “Nothing is decentralized”, tearing applause from the audience.

At the opening of the conference Crypto Springs, Meltem Demirors, co-organizer of the event and the Director of strategic Coinshare, said that “nothing is decentralized,” adding:

“Decentralization is not a myth. She just had not been implemented properly”

Meltem has long been actively opposed to centralized pools mining of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin network. Being a supporter of fair distribution of wealth in Cryptoprotected, she develops investment strategies that facilitate the distribution of wealth in the cryptocurrency industry.

The Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer has previously criticized the “centralized way” that was chosen by the Bitcoin Core team after the discovery of the recent bug in the code, and stated that the lack of competent developers in the network core cryptocurrencies:

“Around the leaders of the team Bitcoin Core is no transparency and the entire ecosystem suffers from a lack of diversity in programming languages and the implementation… If Bitcoin was a startup, he would have blown away. He has not yet reached the stage of the finished product”

One of the developers of Bitcoin Core, Matt Corallo, in an interview with Coindesk responding to criticism on this issue, noted that the lack of testers is not associated with the financial question, and with the shortage of qualified engineers willing to devote their time to the project:

“People are ready to click the big red button, less interesting, since they intervene after the control has already been carried out. Regarding the last bug, Bitcoin Core testers entrusts more responsibility than the developers. When the community lacks competent testers, the process of writing source code braked”

Also by achieving decentralization members of the crypto community have to offer to solve such problems on the stock market, as the corruption among the centralized exchanges. We will remind, this week, John McAfee announced the creation of the anticorruption Alliance, pursuing the same goals.

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