Memeinator (MMTR) hits $200k in presale hours after launch

Memeinator (MMTR) hits $200k in presale hours after launch

The Memeinator (MMTR) has stormed past $200k a day after presale launch as sub-par memes scramble.
Targeting meme coin dominance, the Memeinator seeks to leverage blockchain and AI to seek and destroy all the weak meme coins.
MMTR will be available on cryptocurrency exchanges and trading platforms at the end of the presale.

As the broader crypto market slowdown seen over the past few weeks continues to impact altcoins, on-chain data has shown one notable feature of memecoins – a significant drop in trader interest.

Although Dogecoin, Shiba Inu and Pepe account for the most discussion rates, it appears investor attention is shifting to new projects in this space – and few look primed for the show as is the Memeinator (MMTR).

$200k presale milestone marks start of Meme “Terminator” reign

Less than a day after its presale went live, the Memeinator has raised over $237,000 from global investors.


The first stage, which had the native MMTR token priced at $0.01, quickly sold out as meme coin hunters allocated over $200,000 to the project. MMTR’s price is now up to $0.011 in stage two of the presale, and with interest skyrocketing, could be jumping to $0.012 within no time.

In terms of tokenomics, the whitepaper details a total supply of 1 billion MMTR, 65% of which will be available to early bird gem hunters via the presale. Interestingly, the team has planned an incremental distribution of presale tokens, giving a chance to those that might miss the early stages of MMTR token sale.

What is the Memeinator?

The Memeinator is a new meme coin that descends to the dystopian world of worthless meme replicas with one mission – to seek out and destroy the weak coins ruining the market. It’s a critical mission in an industry that has over 500 meme coins, most of them useless imitations of some of the top picks such as DOGE, SHIB and PEPE. 

Leveraging blockchain and artificial intelligence, the Memeinator will bring the era of chaos to a close with judgement for every sub-par meme token. 

As it renders judgement to the smaller coins, the Memeinator will look to tap into an innovative AI-powered marketing tool to target the $1 billion market cap. The next goal will be to build momentum towards challenging meme world top coins, but that will happen once the small dogs and frogs are out of the way.

Memeinator’s roadmap to dominance

To achieve its mission, the Memeinator will seek milestones as highlighted on its roadmap. Currently, the presale is part of phase 1 of the new era that includes blockchain development and community building.

As it charts the course of its expedition, the Memenaitor’s phase 2 will involve the unleashing of the terminator via launch of MMTR on popular exchanges and DEXs. Key partnerships will be sought to add to the traction, with staking and NFTs launch to follow. 

In stage 3, the Memeinator will be ready to search and destroy weak memes through the launch of Memescanner and the Memeinator game: Warfare. These products bring real utility to the ecosystem.

Meme domination comes in stage 4 of the roadmap where the world is now rid of all the unworthy memes. The market cap of this token is forecast to have grown to $1 billion, with MMTR listing on the world’s largest crypto exchanges marking the beginning of judgement for the current market’s meme coin big fish.

Learn more by visiting the project’s website or you can join the presale here to buy Memeinator (MMTR). 

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