MetaMask blocking the application 333ETH


MetaMask blocking the application 333ETH

The most used decentralized application in the Ethereum blockchain 333ETH was marked as “active scum” and blocked popular cryptocurrency extension MetaMask.

When users visit the website 333ETH when the extension MetaMask, the browser finds them a message saying that the app threatens their security.

And if the inability to “exit Scam” can be implemented at the contract level, as shown by numerous examples of similar schemes that “guarantee of lifetime payments” ends where the end of the new investors.

On its website 333ETH writes that has been working for 24 days. Data smart contract indicate that the scheme has already invested 7 030 ETH or more than half a million dollars at the current rate. The site interface is available in 11 languages, with annotated video is presented only two – English and Russian that hints at the roots of the scheme.

Meanwhile, the developers MetaMask doubted that 333ETH should be called the most popular app in the Ethereum blockchain. Of course, in terms of the balance of the contract or transaction volume, it is inferior to the stock exchanges IDEX and ForkDelta, but in terms of user activity, superior to them, once again demonstrating that in some contexts may be of interest to users is the brainchild of Vitalik Buterin.

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