Microsoft wants to combine blockchain with a secure execution environment


Microsoft wants to combine blockchain with a secure execution environment

Two new patent applications from Microsoft have hinted that the Corporation seeks to improve its blockchain— based solutions with a secure execution environment (trusted execution environment — TEE). Bureau of the United States patent and trademark office published the application on 9 August.

In both documents explains how the use of a secure environment can make the blockchain network more reliable. This requires that specific nodes of the blockchain act as validators.

As stated in the first application, TEE may improve the security of blockchain networks and consortiums in the following way:

…To be a validator authorizes the first node. In the process this must be authorized in advance a particular type of blockchain or other security Protocol, and a predetermined list of participants will be stored in the TEE of the first node.

The second application explains how a safe environment can carry out verification of the transaction in the blockchain— the Microsoft network.

Grading system TEE will create an environment in which “does not require recalculation to verify the” pre-authorized the entity to directly transfer the “updated official status” of a processed transaction:

In some examples, the entire network receives the transaction […] and the state of the blockchain is updated directly. In some cases there is no need to copy the transaction to confirm the block.

Last week, Cointelegraph reported that the cloud computing platform based on Ethereum Azure from Microsoft has replaced the current mechanism for consensus-PoW algorithm proof of credentials (Proof— of— Authority — PoA). Microsoft felt that it will increase the efficiency of the process of creating decentralized applications for private networks, blockchain networks or consortia.

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