Mike Novogratz: Until the end of 2018 bitcoin can increase by 30%


Mike Novogratz: Until the end of 2018 bitcoin can increase by 30%

The worst days of bitcoin are behind us, and before the end of the year it could grow by a third. This forecast was voiced by the irrepressible Mike Novogratz, large captainvalor and founder of Galaxy Digital.

Answering questions live on CNBC Fast Money, Novogratz noted that last week, he suggested that the market has bottomed, and that subsequent events have shown that the most difficult days are over.

In particular, over “panic selling” that applies both to private investors and teams ICO.

“There was quite a serious rebound, but the real growth will begin later, he added. We see that institutional investors are gradually preparing for the entry into this market, it is much more important.”

The interest from investors shows that projects aimed at the development of associated market infrastructure, engaged in serious players, says Novogratz. This process started long ago and never stopped, despite the market decline, there were new projects in the industry came new people, and soon to show his first results, he added.

“Goldman Sachs is working on a storage solution for cryptocurrencies. ICE will soon launch its project Bakkt — it will be a crypto currency exchange and storage at once, — the expert reminded. — I think in the next 3-6 months large investors, who are still waiting for the opportune moment will get a clear signal — “time to invest”.

Recall that the Galaxy Digital Ventures, cryptocurrency Bank Novogratz, in his first report indicated a $134 million loss for the January-March 2018

The loss of the Digital Galaxy formed from such indicators as the $85.5 million of unrealized loss of digital assets, a $24 million loss on investments, $13.5 million loss as a result of cryptotrading and $11 million of operating expenses.

Also note that the result of the appearance of the Novogratz in the Studio was the title, which involves a growth of 30% to the end of the year.

Previously users kriptosistema noticed that the forecasts CNBC has one curious feature, namely true is often the exact opposite — is CNBC publish a optimistic Outlook, as the market turns down.

Known capturador Jacob Canfield informed even analyzed the correlation of the dynamics of bitcoin and tweets news headlines CNBC, devoted to this subject. According to him, CNBC misses 95% of cases.

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