Mining ceased to be profitable. Exchange BTCC shut down your pool


The Hong Kong trading platform decided to stop the work of the Department BTCC Pool Limited, which lasted four years

BTCC the company will close its mining-pool BTCC Pool Limited, which was founded back in 2014. All servers will be disabled until November 15, customers asked to migrate its computing power to other pools before this date, and to provide the address for receiving funds until November 20th. Users promised in a timely manner all payments.

The unit will stop running on November 30. Even in the summer of 2018 on mining-pool BTCC accounted for 1.1% can see the network of bitcoin, according At the moment its share is so low that it no longer appears on the website.

Representatives of the company stressed that regret the closure of the unit and hope that in the future it will again be able to return to work. Earlier, the firm AMD has published a report according to which the interest in mining has fallen significantly in 2018. Total revenue related to equipment for the extraction of digital money has decreased by 14% compared to the previous quarter.

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