Mining farm. Motherboard and graphics card for mining, setting up of mining


This article is intended for those who already know what is mining and those who have already decided to do it, but don’t quite understand what components you need to build the farm. We will tell you how to make a selection of equipment for mining farm, how to configure the system for mining, for example, zcash for, and how to make a wallet for cryptocurrency.


Motherboard for mining

The main criteria for the choice of the motherboard for mining:

  • Price
  • The number of ports PCI-E x16, PCI-EXPRESS x1 and M. 2
  • The price should be cheaper, and ports as much as possible and they should be as comfortable as possible. The Board is positioned as a specialized motherboard for mining, for example, the series ASRock BTC or Board from Biostar.

    There is a popular mining card ASUS PRIME H270-PLUS they are almost nowhere in stock, for the reason that they have in different guides. Usually people don’t want or can’t choose for yourself, that blindly follow what they write. But similar options are endless.

    Consider the choice of the motherboard store the example computeruniverse. This store is in Germany but the shipping speed and rates are very encouraging. FWOAMN9 — a discount coupon of 5 Euro for your first purchase.

    Go to the motherboard, select the desired brand (or look on the General list).

    Are you searching for a great map of the total quantity of interest to us ports. In this case, their 7, ie, we, at least, can connect 7 cards to that Board.

    Connect cards will be using raseri (special adapter). They are universal, are connected both to the PCI-E x16 and PCI-E x1 ports. Need to buy raseri only USB 3.0 and see that the wire was longer, for example, 60cm.

    Raseri different versions, the main difference which connectors for the power. Choose them on the basis of available on your power supply. Connecting power to the farm, add to the power consumption of your card and raseri, about 80W. BE CAREFUL WHEN CONNECTING RAISER IN the PCI-E x16 SLOT, it can be connected the wrong way round and it will go into the connector. The result will be deplorable. Follow the key position on the connector.

    In order to connect an additional card in the M. 2 port you will need a special adapter.

    Configuring the motherboard for mining

    For normal operation, disable in BIOS all unnecessary functions such as sound and usb 3.0 ports. Further, in standard SMOS Features pereklyuchaem item Halt on to No Errors (need in order to avoid error checking at the beginning and the farm quickly started after reboot). Disable (DISABLED) the function of HDD S. M. A. R. T. are you Searching for AC Back function and include it (the farm will automatically start after power-on). Well, put booting from USB drive for installing Windows 10. For some boards, additional setup is required, for example, for ASUS PRIME H270-P you need to include the paragraph 4g Decoding (advancedsystem agent) if there is no this item, then just update the BIOS.

    CPU for mining

    Mining on the CPU is not particularly relevant in 2017. For this choose the easiest and cheapest processor for your farm, based on the socket of your motherboard. The processor must pull the Windows 10 and the work of the miner. Suitable processors such plan Celeron G1840 BOX. Choose BOX version, it comes with a cooler.

    RAM and hard disk for mining farm

    For your farm enough laths on 4GB of the cheapest RAM. Choose memory suitable for your motherboard, ddr3 or ddr4.

    Hard drive for a mining farm also choose most cheap. A good option is the SSD to 128gb. They are not expensive. Choose a SATA SSD, as the M. 2 port will be busy.

    Video cards for mining

    Perhaps the main question. What are system for mining? At the moment, the question is complicated by the presence of cards in the shops, or rather lack of them. For an approximate analysis of the earnings of mining on certain maps there is a website Here you can see how many bring you farm with various cards on different coins. Mine Bitcoin today doesn’t make sense, as the complexity is too high for this minim alternative coins. There are differences in card performance in mining certain coins. For example, on the cards from AMD efficient extraction of Ethereum, and on Nvidia — zcash for.

    At the moment the following relevant cards:

    1050ti Nvidia GTX, gtx 1060 gtx 1070 gtx 1080 and 1080ti

    AMD radeon RX 470, 480, 570, 580 Cards from AMD need to flash the BIOS for better performance. And to buy the emulator monitor for stable operation of the system.

    You get the things you. But you should not take RX 470 40 000 rubles, it is in any frame does not climb. Choose a card with a good cooling system.

    Power supply units for mining farms

    For mining farms need good power supplies from trusted manufacturers with certificates 80+. Don’t skimp on them and always keep at least one in stock. Do not let the unit operate at full capacity, keep the 100W in stock. When you connect multiple power supplies to a single farm, evenly distribute the load between them and use the special relay add2psu for combining them into a circuit that will simultaneously start on and off. Connect to the relay from a leading molex, and 24 pin from the slave power supply.

    Configuring Windows for mining pools to start mining

    Install all driver updates for your hardware. Set the page file to 20GB. Download MSI Afterburner for overclocking graphics cards. Install TeamVeaver for remote control computer and HWiNFO64 to monitor the system (optional).

    Set the miner. For clarity, select the pool (the network through which we will create)

    Choose the currency, in our case it zcash for and get into the section there, go to the help section and download the miner (claymore for AMD and CUDA for Nvidia — disable your antivirus!)

    Then click the right mouse button on the file start (he may have called differently), change, and edit using Notepad. There we only need to specify the address of your wallet (below will tell you how to create it on the exchange), the name of your farm, for example, Miner1, and your e-mail that will receive the notification about disabling the farm.

    Save, run the file and mining began. Add your miner to autostart when you start the farm. To check the statistics of mining on the same site, just type in the search bar the address of your wallet that is configured miner.

    As to your wallet cryptocurrency?

    Consider the Express option of obtaining wallets on the stock exchange

    Register on this site, go to the “Balances””Deposits & Withdrawals”. There remove the tick from “hide zero balance”, looking for the required coin in the list and click on the button “Deposit”. Read the warning and click on the button “Got it. Show me the Deposit Address”. Now you see the address of your wallet.

    Read more about exchanges and wallets you can learn from a variety of sources in the network in the course of mining.

    Cloud mining

    What is cloud mining? This divorce of clean water. You will offer to buy their power and earn income. Treat this the pyramid and go around the side.

    Now you can safely collect your farm for mining, moreover, if you have an appropriate video card, you can also try and setup a miner on your home PC. Write your questions in the comments, will try to promptly answer them.



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