Mining is not needed. Key cryptocurrencies without PoW


Mining is not needed. Key cryptocurrencies without PoW

1800 is the number of items of cryptocurrencies, according CoinMarcetCap existed in the field of digital economy at the beginning of August of 2018, and only about 730 projects use a consensus algorithm Proof-of-Work for new blocks in the blockchain. More than a thousand cryptocurrencies based on PoW alternative protocols and do not require hashing is quite costly from the standpoint of performance and consumption process.

Thanks to the introduction of other algorithms without having proof of work, many companies are cutting costs for their investors and thus attracting more users worldwide. The availability of activities and the relative simplicity without mining are among the major criteria for many crypto projects that rely on the experience and development of existing teams. We have collected the most well-known cryptocurrency that don’t need mine, because they are good without PoW, and to capitalize on them.

First bezmalinovic

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