Mining pool started to pay an extra reward to miners in Namecoin


Bitria “news” mining pool started to pay an extra reward to miners in Namecoin

The largest mining pool owned by the manufacturer of the ASIC Bitmain miners, started paying their users cryptocurrency NameCoin (NMC), in addition to bitcoin mining. This is allowed thanks to the combined hashing algorithm SHA256.

Merged mining is possible provided that both cryptocurrencies based on the same algorithm as in this case, SHA256. This type of mining allows a miner to get rewarded more for the same amount of work that he does with the standard mining.

Namecoin is the first fork of bitcoin, which first was a joint mining. Aldon improves decentralization, security and network protection. To date, the NMC is $1.99 and is on the 152nd place.

On average, when mining on 67 th/s miner gets about 0,014 NMC, get on top of bitcoin.

Such a joint mining is also ViaBTC pool, which also offers its users to get 1 BTC – 2 NMC, and for mining 1 LTC for free to 800 DOGE. It also reported that the mining pool plans to launch merged mining RootStock along with BTC and BCH.

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