Mining pool ViaBTC will reward miners tokens VIAT


8 Oct Chinese mining pool ViaBTC will start producing tokens VIAT, which will be to crypto currency miners as a reward. The maximum number of coins is limited to 2 billions!

Simultaneously with the release token, the company is implementing a system called Duo-mining 2.0, due to which the account of every miner will be transferred two cryptocurrencies: VIAT tokens and coin that it produces. First, the company plans to distribute between the clients of the pool for 5 million coins VIAT on a daily basis, however, their number will be reduced over time, so the entire stock of tokens will go into circulation over several years.

Miners will receive a total of 1 billion tokens VIAT, the remaining half will be distributed among the project investors and partners mining pool ViaBTC. It is important to note that the tokens to their account only after the start of trading coins on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Another mining pool, Pool Huobi, recently released Huobi token Pool Token, which is shared between the miners as a reward. Miners of the cryptocurrency say the decline in profit from mining, so the reward in the form of tokens will help to offset the costs and to survive this difficult time.

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