Minter: how to make instant payments and why let its currency


Minter: how to make instant payments and why let its currency

Today, according to coinmarketcap, there are over 2000 of crypto-assets. Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity, is known, but despite this still does not apply to areas that are directly connected with the maximum profit at low cost. In addition, people still use cash, and only some part of the population pays the bills with plastic cards, and even a smaller percentage uses contactless methods of payment such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and others.

Passive integration cryptocurrency and blockchain technology in the business connected with the difficulty of operation of the system. Few companies want to understand the process of transactions of bitcoin and other coins that are built on algorithms consensus Proof-of-Work where you want to perform difficult calculations to prove the transaction. As a rule, technologically advanced firms use smart contracts, Ethereum, requiring the utmost of care and proficiency when writing code, because the system is generated, the errors can not be corrected.

It turns out that the cryptocurrency is interest from companies, but business, despite the obvious advantages of the blockchain and cryptography, does not want to mess with the technological risks and a volatile exchange rate of digital assets. To accelerate the introduction of tokens can quick functional projects that offer a simple system of issue of coins and its instant operation in the network.

The fastest draft Minter

Blockchain-draft Minter offers easy in possession of a cryptocurrency designed for use on ezhednevnoj basis. To achieve difficult but attainable goals the team will launch a new cryptocurrency BIP — Instant Payment Blockchain. “Mgnovennyj the blockchain-payment” will be able to make large companies and ordinary users who are interested in fast and reliable transfer of your money.

Speed blackchain Minter will ensure the engine Tendermint algorithm consensus DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake). That is, the coins from the holders of the token — delegation will be passed to the validators — users that provides masternode. Time creating unit is 5 seconds, with a maximum size of 10,000 transactions, or for 180 Baitov each with a title and signatures. As a comparison, the example of bitcoin to conduct a single transaction, which takes about 20 minutes.

But the most important thing in the blockchain Minter is not the speed of the transactions, and the ability to create their coins. Each user inside the network it will receive the status of coiner — can issue its own currency and control it. Essence and purpose of a digital asset can be anything — it can be integrated into your own business to implement in any industry where you need to make instant liquid transactions.

Due to the internal coin customers will be able to pay for services. This service can be compared with the use of the bonus program with points and rewards. Only in the case of Minter currency will not lose value and will not change the rules of usage, as is usually the case with royalty systems firms.

In addition, the user will be able to exchange their currency to other coins within the network Minter. Issuing its own crypto-assets will be supported by BIP, it means that all coins will have value. In turn, BIP and other issued coins Zone thanks Cosmos can be exchanged for bitcoin (BTC), ether (ETH), and even the American dollar.

Integration with TON

To pass fast network registration Minter began integrating with the famous blockchain-project of Pavel Durov TON. At the initial stage the network was implemented KYC through Passport Telegram is a new feature in the messenger Telegram, which is conceived as the authorization method for services with a personal user identification

Minter became the first project using this technology for verification of their investors, which was also noted in the official blog of Telegram. Using Telegram Passport managed to reduce the time for completion of KYC procedure just couple of minutes. All users on the network Minter has already been successfully test verification of the project TON.

Thanks a TON a draft Minter will be able to realize their ideas, including free transfer of any Minter of coins in the blockchain TON. Validators network Minter inicializirati transfer automatically. Once the transaction is accepted by the validators TON, the coins will be available for use in the Telegram Open Network. Also in automatic mode will operate the transfer of the coins from TON to Minter (only for the Minter).

The transfer function of coins will give the opportunity to use smart contracts the network TON. Minter will generate coins, which can then be implemented in the environment of smart contracts TON.

Also in 2019 after launch TON of DNS users will be able to register username in Minter and manage them. The project participants will have full control over their credentials in a trustless network.

All of their data users Minter will be able to put in a TON of Storage without worrying about the safety and immutability of the data. As a function of TON Payments will allow you to send and receive micropayments in coins on the basis of the Minter thanks to the Lightning Network. It will be useful for services where you need to regularly transfer small amounts (for example, the advertising service may charge for each viewing). In the end, Minter will become the first in the world project, which will be able to change your cryptocurrency (BIP) on a key coin TON (GRAM) and back.

Coins for everyone!

After you start the core network blockchain draft Minter plans to conduct the largest AirDrop in the history of popular Telegram messenger, through which users will receive tokens and coins BIP running on the Minter project in a total amount of 1000 BTC. Now, during private sale, each user can register online and begin to test the coin BIP. The whole process of entering the project will not take much time more it is written in the manuals. If you have any questions you can contact the chat Minter.

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