Minus Tencent: Bitmain has missed another famous investor


Minus Tencent: Bitmain has missed another famous investor

Chinese IT giant Tencent, the Corporation has denied the previously received information about their participation in the preliminary offering of shares of mining equipment manufacturer Bitmain. This writes the Hong Kong business newspaper AAStocks.

In early August, the media reported that Tencent and Japanese Softbank invested in the company Bimain, then capitalization reached $15 billion But on the eve of the representative of the Japanese Corporation officially denied the participation of SoftBank funding.

On 21 August, Tencent released a similar statement in which he said that he did not participate in the investment support of the manufacturer of equipment for the miners.

Despite this and other troubles, the company’s management Bimain not abandoned plans to hold an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange and going to the end of the year to raise funds for business expansion.

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