Modern art became digital in nature


More and more artists today find inspiration in the idea of decentralized digital currency. In his abstract works, they raise the question of values in the digital age. A new trend in modern art has been called “cryptarch” and sure wins the auction.

This year the public attention was attracted to the project “I AM A COIN” Irish conceptualist, Kevin Abacha, in which the artist has produced 10 million Ethereum tokens IAMA. The audience was presented works depicting the physical form, on the addresses of the wallets, which store 100 tokens IAMA. After the tokens were stolen, the idea of the picture “Stealing The Contents of This Wallet Is A Crime”, perhaps the most famous work in the style of cryptarch.

“Stealing The Contents of This Wallet Is a Crime” (2018) #cryptoart #crypto #iamacoin #ethereum #blockchain

— kevin abosch (@kevinabosch) March 28, 2018

IAMA shows the similarity of people with priceless fresh coins, the value of which they assigned from the outside. The artist believes that human life often resembles a series of transactions for personal gain.

An example of how high the auction may be valued cryptarch, is the project Cryptograffiti. Team Cryptograffiti created a remake of paintings by famous pop art artist Robert Indiana, “LOVE”. One of the copies of a series of imprints of the word “HOLD” printed on the money bags of the Federal reserve (FED), was sold for $ 8,000.

Other artists, called “Terrible Store of Value” that left the auction is already over $ 33,000. The painting is a response to the statement of the General Director JP Morgan James Daimon, which in January 2014 called bitcoin “a terrible store of value”. Cryptograffiti commented on his work:

“The painting, which the Daimon is depicted in a state of decay, reflects the level of public confidence in traditional financial institutions.”

Even a painting by British artist Terry cook where he just portrayed the Ethereum logo, was sold for us $ 2800.

Many street artists have also become known for its work on the topic of digital currency. For example, the artist “PBOY” painted graffiti with QR codes, offering a to fans to send him bitcoins. Thus “PBOY” earned more than thousand dollars and entered into a number of independent artists cryptarcha who are going to celebrate the decade bitcoin large-scale exhibition. The artists have set a goal to study how the digital currency may affect the attitude of their audience. Guests will have the opportunity to buy works by using bitcoin, litecoin, monero and Ethereum.

This summer in London has installed the world’s first crypto-sculpture, created for the cryptocurrency exchange and service provider of digital wallets, Eidoo, Italian artist Federico CAPICOM. And in Los Angeles and Miami, meanwhile, will begin to establish a new kind of virtual monuments — sculpture with augmented reality technology, which “perpetuate” stars of the future, not the past. This week it became known that on the Hollywood “walk of fame” will be a virtual monument Satoshi Nakamoto.

Popularity today take on decentralized online trading platform. For example, in early September, members of the decentralized art auction, Maecenas, acquired a 31.5 per cent ($5.6 million) paintings by Andy Warhol, “14 little electric chair”. One hundred participants have secured part ownership of a work of art. For the first time on a decentralised platform, was sold to a lot of number of world-famous works of art.

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