Monero and VeChain suddenly jumped more than 10%


Monero and VeChain suddenly jumped more than 10%

In the last 24 hours in cryptocurrency Monero and VeChain began to rise, adding to the price more than 10%. The main reason for this jump is the recent improved performance of blockchain networks of these virtual assets, according to CryptoBriefing.

At the time of publication of the material Monero and VeChain traded at $138,32 and $0,19, respectively, it follows from CoinMarketCap.

The attractiveness of Monero is also growing on the background of increased interest in anonymous digital assets, ensuring cryptocurrency traders privacy. Unlike many other projects, the team Monero refuses to make contact with the regulators and increase the transparency of transactions in the blockchain. This contributes to the popularity of the coins and encourages investors to buy one.

The growth rate VeChain, in addition to improving network performance is the result of a partnering team with the people’s insurance company of China, whose total assets exceed $126 billion. This giant will be using the blockchain network VeChain for their operations in the retail and corporate insurance.

At the moment VeChain capitalization exceeded $1 billion we will Remind, earlier it was reported that the project team has developed a high-performance network for transactions, which the interest shown by many large companies and banks.

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