Monero developers have fixed the bug that allowed you to burn the cryptocurrency XMR


The developers of cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) by a vigilant Reddit users were able to discover and fix a bug by which attackers were able to burn cryptocurrency cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, paying the standard fee for handling the transaction.

The blog of the project developers describe the mechanism of operation of the bug: the hacker generates a random private key, and then modifies the code to use the new key to secure the sending of multiple transactions with the same public address (for example, from hot wallet cryptocurrency exchanges) to the addresses invisible. Implementation of thousands of transactions a volume of 1 XMR leads to the fact that unprepared for such activity, the exchange brings them together in one transaction with a size of 1000 XMR, however, the blockchain takes it as 1 operation to send 1 XMR and burns all the rest of the coins.

It is noted that the financial benefits these actions of the hackers were brought in, and the Monero developers assume that fraud could be other motives for such an attack. So, after the implementation of the attack using the address invisible, they were able to exchange, monero bitcoin and withdraw them, leaving the stock exchange burned products.

The Monero team also sent cryptomeria information on how to avoid this problem, and after informed about the fix for the bug.

Note that according to the study Satis Group, the most valuable cryptocurrency after bitcoin is, Monero (XMR), which, as the researchers predict, will rise to $18,000 in the next five years.

We will remind, according to recent reports users Changelly, the service is accused of stealing, monero their clients.

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