More than 60% of cryptoendoliths ready to get paid in bitcoins


Known in the world market startup Chronobank conducted a survey among 445 cryptoendoliths from all over the world, including the USA, Australia and Russia. The main goal of the analysts was to find out in which currency you prefer to receive a salary of respondents.

As it turned out, most of the community chose was payment in bitcoin or another cryptocurrency (66%). 83% of respondents agree to the digital money, the bonus accrual. In addition, 72% of respondents said they would choose in favor of the employer who has the option to pay salaries in bitcoin, when choosing their next place of work.

The majority of respondents believe that in the future the price of digital currencies will increase. Given this fact, only a fifth of respondents indicated that they will exchange the currency received as wages, for traditional money.

Interestingly, half of respondents believe that in the event of getting paid in crypto-currencies they will spend less than it is now. 19% said they would prefer to use digital money for transactions.

With regard to willingness to pay taxes from cryptocurrency activities, 65% of respondents from USA stated that they are ready to pay taxes cryptosample. This indicator is lower in Russia more than 2 times — 30%.

Add that 92% of respondents were male, 40% of them were in the age group from 25 to 34 years, 75% of them are currently working.

Earlier it was reported that the crypto currency exchange Binance prefer to get paid in their own cryptocurrency platform BNB. This was told by CEO Zhao Chanpen in conversation with managing Director of Capital XRP Arrington Michael Arrington.

Why is it important

  • Many companies working in the field of cryptocurrency transferred its employees to a virtual salary, and at the request of the workers themselves. Getting the calculation in bitcoin, some part can be spent on monthly expenses, and leave the rest in a cold wallet as an investment. This sober and sensible approach to investment in digital assets, analysts said. If followed, you can minimize the risk of destructive behavior, such as buying bitcoins or mortgage for borrowed money.

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