Moscow and Saint Petersburg open doors for promising blockchain projects


October 23 in Moscow and on 25 October in St. Petersburg will host an intensive business event, which will bring together representatives of cryptocurrency project NEO from China, and developers from the Russian blockchain platform Streamity known for its application StreamDesk. Synergy Chinese “veteran” and a young startup from Russia are intended to provide the users with a sufficiently easy and fast interface when buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

The projects will discuss the future prospects of cooperation, as Streamity for your application stopped the choice on smart contracts NEO. Additionally, the blockchain entrepreneurs from China are planning to actively promote the project in Russia, and to attract new and talented developers in their team.

As you know, this blockchain project aims the main goal of creating a new model of economic relations between people, the so-called “smart economy”, based on a distributed network.

Streamity CEO, Vladislav Kuznetsov believes that the advantages of NEO allow any blockchain project to progress faster and stay ahead of their competitors.

The main speakers of the event:

  • Johnson Zhao – CEO Neo Global Development;
  • Peter Lin is one of the first developers on the NEO, received the position of Director of development in R&D;
  • Ilya Terekhin is a leading developer in Streamity, developed a smart contract on the blockchain NEO for service StreamDesk.

The meeting is scheduled 5 performances where speakers will talk about the ecosystem of the NEO, his development plans, as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by developers.

You can learn more on the official website of the event

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