MtGox customers can apply for a refund


Customers of the exchange Mt Gox lost funds as a result of hacking of the platform, can now apply for a withdrawal are blocked in their wallets.

The service appeared on the website of the exchange. In addition, account holders can also send a request via electronic and paper mail. This option is available until 22 October this year.

After receiving applications, Mt Gox will be considered until February 2019, and then begin payments in BTC. This was told by the trust administrator in exchange Nobuaki Kobayashi.

“Users from all over the world without spending time and money, can easily take part in the procedure of civil rehabilitation, providing the applications validate the data associated with the exchange, in accordance with Japan’s Law on the civil rehabilitation law and other laws and regulations”.

At the moment this option is available only for individuals, but soon expected to introduce this possibility, and for corporate clients.

Recall that the Trustee hacked cryptocurrency exchange Mt. Gox, Nobuaki Kobayashi will no longer sell bitcoins to pay back the customers lost funds.

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