Must-have tools for cryptotrading


Must-have tools for cryptotrading

Cryptocurrency has taken a worthy place among such financial assets as stocks, futures, currencies and options. But trading in digital money is much more difficult — because of their volatility. Unlike the classic asset courses cryptocurrency during the day can vary by tens of percent. However, the temptation to become a new cryptomerioides too high.

The rapidity of trading forces capturadora to make decisions much faster than their comrades in other markets. They have to analyze the huge flow of information, deleting all the unnecessary and focusing on the Essentials.

Here are seven tools that will help the novice to achieve success in the cryptocurrency market.


BitcoinTalk is a leading cryptoform the world, was founded in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. It is the largest repository of information on cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain, smart contracts, altcoins, mining — all of these topics are discussed every month more than 20 million users from around the world. Each project has its own thread on the forum. It publishes ads and contact was maintained with the community.


Coinmarketcap is the main source of information about the cryptocurrency market. A convenient menu allows a couple of clicks to find the desired coin or token to view its financial data, the list of supporting exchanges as well as get links to the official website and social media accounts.

The site is divided into four blocks:

In the section “Market value” you can see the price of tokens, crypto-currencies and weighted average rates;
“Trading volume” is calculated by combining all transactions with a specific asset within 24 hours;
In the section “Trends” you can build a table leading and lagging trading pairs according to the specified parameters;
Under “Additional tools” available the necessary apps like a currency Converter.

Coinmarketcap recently conducted the integration with exchange Changelly and now allows users to buy BTC, BCH, ETH and LTC.


CryptoCompare is one of the oldest and most authoritative resources on the technology of the blockchain and all things related to cryptocurrencies. The website collects all the shopping information you need in one convenient package. There are also several additional sections: coins, exchange, mining, wallets, casino, forum and portfolio. Most useful for traders is a list of all coins and tokens with a detailed description.

The website displays the current weighted average price, daily trading volume, total market capitalization and momentum. You can monitor the distribution of volume of trades and courses for traditional currencies or exchanges is definitely a useful tool for those who earn in arbitration.


Blockfolio — mobile app for monitoring cryptocurrency portfolio. Its functionality is quite simple: just enter the relevant amounts of cryptocurrency from its portfolio, and the application will calculate its value. Its change can be monitored in real-time.


Some platforms even wider. Japanese media giant CoinJinja has released a mobile app CoinView. It does not support technical analysis like TradingView, but this is not required. The main advantage of the CoinView is a component of information — quotes, news and signals.

CoinView combines news website, the app for sharing, portfolio Manager, wallet, graphics, ICO trackers and paid widgets.

The app allows you to trade on the exchanges using their native API. Currently supported Binance, BigONE, Bittrex, bitFlyer, Coincheck and Zaif. In the latest update were added to the automated trading bot to work on exchanges, based on the transactional model of mining, such as Fcoin.

The application does not have any restrictions on use and available for iOS and Android in English, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

CoinMarketCal & CoinSpectator

News — the motor trade. Their thoroughness in tracking is directly proportional to the income of the trader, but it requires significant effort. To solve this problem, we have developed two specialized tool.

CoinMarketCal — simple and easy to use calendar. Filter by date, rating expectations and the ability to configure alerts via e-mail make it an indispensable source of signals.
CoinSpectator is a leading news aggregator that allows you to track the flow of information from a large number of sources: the media, forums, blogs and private discussions. This functionality is complemented by the opportunity to vote, so incorrect information is quickly removed from news feeds.
ICORating & ICOStats

The number of offerings on the market is growing every day, so it becomes increasingly difficult to navigate in a variety. Specialized ICO-trackers, such as ICORating and ICOStats, help to simplify the process of selecting primary candidates.

ICORating offers a number of promising projects with a brief description, links, and expert opinions ICOStats collects financial indicators: amount of funds raised, return on investment, the initial and the current price of a token.

Listed in this article tools can help the traders to quickly navigate the situation and make decisions, but one will not replace personal experience and the ability to sense the mood of the market. History is replete with examples when good news became the reason of falling, and a promising project ceased to exist due to poor management, and hacker attacks.

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