Named the official launch date of cryptocurrency platform Bakkt


The parent company of the new York stock exchange (NYSE) Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has confirmed that the launch focused on large investors cryptocurrency platform Bakkt will be held on 12 December 2018.

The first product will be Bakkt futures contracts for bitcoin with a physical delivery of an asset.

The official statement says bitcoins to be used to ensure that contracts will be in store digital assets with ICE. Clearing contracts will be implemented through the exchange division ICE Clear US.

“Each futures contract payable by the U.S. dollar, involves the delivery of one bitcoin stored in a vault of digital assets Bakkt”, — the document says.

Note that the previously announced GBP/BTC and EUR/BTC in the message are not mentioned.

About plans to launch a platform Bakkt, which will allow users and institutional investors to buy, sell and store digital assets in the global ecosystem, it was announced in August of this year. The project partners are Microsoft, Starbucks and BCG.

Earlier in October it became known that the chief operating officer Bakkt took the ex-Manager Coinbase’s Adam white.

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