NASA and Lockheed Martin introduced the world’s first space “hotel”


NASA and Lockheed Martin introduced the world’s first space “hotel”

Preparation for the first mission of NASA to Mars may take many years, but today there is an active work on creation of an intermediate point for later long-distance flights in space.

Presumably, to be a “space hotel” will be near the Moon. Aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, a leading development in conjunction with NASA, announced an early prototype of an intermediate point to carry out flights in space. The design is a cylindrical module, a redesigned shipping container from the tier of the space Shuttle. Its dimensions are about 22 feet long and 16.5 feet wide.

The design proved to be significantly more than the Russian capsule “Soyuz” transporting astronauts to the International space station and back. However, the module seems to be tiny compared to the space station, which consists of 16 modules, collectively covering an area larger than the size of a football field.

Video tour of the prototype of a “space hotel”

Given the size of the reconstructed “intermediate housing” life in space is likely to be a bit cramped for the four astronauts, who could live there for up to 60 days before you travel further afield.

Project Manager, bill Pratt said: “It’s a lot like some sort of trailer where you can change the configuration of space.” In addition to residential areas, created a “habitat” will be a toilet, exercise equipment, a warehouse, a platform for scientific experiments and the galley.

And for those who wants to visit the role of an astronaut, NASA created app VR 3D travel in space.

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