Nasdaq plans to start trading cryptocurrencies


The ICO publication The Journal reported that the Nasdaq stock exchange, whose market capitalization is equal to $10 trillion, is going to start trading cryptocurrencies in the first half of 2019. For this Nasdaq can use the architecture of the exchange brothers Winklevoss Gemini.

According to the source, Nasdaq plans to add to the listing a number of coins, not to create a separate tool. However, the exchange at the moment is not suitable for this task, infrastructure, and it will solve this problem brothers, the Winklevosses.

Recall that in late July, the Nasdaq has held a closed meeting with representatives of wall Street and kriptonyte to discuss the future legal status of the cryptocurrency. This meeting was attended by the brothers, the Winklevosses, and the source claims that during the event, the company discussed future cooperation with the aim of adding cryptocurrency in Nasdaq listing.

Also previously head of Nasdaq adena Friedman said that her company is considering launching futures on bitcoin. At the moment the product is in development, and its characteristics will differ from futures, Cboe and CME Group.

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