NEO: new announcements and concerns. Boom or bust?


NEO: new announcements and concerns. Boom or bust?

Which side do not look, and the end of the week for the NEO was impressive. Blockchain, the company has made several important statements, which led to a significant jump in price. As reported Cointelegraph, must be new announcements.

NEO and Ontology

After the first announcement the price of tokens NEO jumped more than 15%. The news was that NEO was going to use on the platform Ontology ― a new distributed network Onchain.

NEO software offers flexibility and functionality, based on assets. These things are key components for the new system.

Injection or truth?

Despite the announcement and subsequent rise in prices, NEO were subjected to a relatively harsh criticism, especially in relation to centralized nodes of the network. One of the articles appeared on GitHub, and listed at least six reasons why NEO is not particularly good for investments prior to the weekend. Malcolm Lerider, insider NEO, responded to this material through the Medium.

The charges included a number of “warning signals” that carefully answered Leader. Publication “Investor Warning” he called baseless fear, uncertainty and doubt (the so-called tactic of “FUD”).

In any case, if the warnings about NEO turns out to be true, it will soon show up. But if the platform is as reliable as it seems, the current price can be very low in the light of future UPS.

Fasting Leader was mention of the fact that the NEO will make another announcement before the weekend. It is unclear whether managed to respond to the market. At the moment NEO is listed at $41,37.

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