Network Monero will be hardwork activation Protocol Bulletproofs


Thursday, October 18, the network focused on privacy Monero cryptocurrency on the block under number 1685555 will be hardwork, in which “mutual Confidential Transactions”[RingCT] replace technology Bulletproofs.

Only 24 hours until #Monero gets bulletproofed with #bulletrpoofs A new non-interactive zero-knowledge proof protocol. Fees will be reduced by ~80%, the blockchain growth will be smaller and the network faster! Check the live countdown //

— MoneroGermany (@MoneroGermany) October 17, 2018

The developers expect that the amount of anonymous transactions on the network Monero reduced by 80% and significantly reduced the fee.

The Monero Protocol involved three different mechanisms to ensure anonymity of users: stealth address, signature circular and RingCT. The latter requires complex calculations and time, which makes the maintenance of full nodes is extremely expensive.

Bulletproofs in turn, allows to aggregate information on transactions in new data structures that can scale logarithmically, not linearly.

The network upgrade also contains a number of changes to the mining algorithm aiming to fight against ASIC miners.

Recall the previous hardwork took place in early April.

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