Network zcash for hosted update Sapling. Cryptocurrency fell


Despite the successful activation of the Protocol, the cost Aldona fell by 1.7% over the past day

Network anonymous cryptocurrency zcash for there was a planned update called Sapling. The project announced the successful hard forks in the official Twitter account.

The update can significantly improve the performance of the blockchain — the build time of the transaction will be reduced by 90%, the amount of required memory by more than 97%. Activation of the Protocol enhances the security of transactions, and makes the system closer to the spread of open centrostorico and private payment systems, said the zcash for developers.

They added that immediately after hard forks client user zcashd received access addresses a new type. At the moment, to transfer funds from a protected old addresses to new one, you need to disclose the amount of the transaction, making it possible to audit the transactions in the blockchain Aldona.

In addition, the main developer announced the zcash for upgrade the structure of mining crypto currencies, but it will not happen soon and will be announced in advance. Approximately it will take place in autumn next year, and should lead to the fact that the network will become more stable and secure, protection from attack 51% increase, and will increase the number of users who will be able to produce altcon and earn.

For the past day average market value of the zcash for cryptocurrency fell by 2%, it is trading at $118,6. The market capitalization of the asset is $607 million, he ranks 19th in the list of the largest digital money.

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