New ASIC miner Linzhi for Ethereum


Bitria “news” New ASIC miner Linzhi for Ethereum

Chen Min – developed by ASIC miners in the firm Canaan Creative, he founded his own firm Linzhi and on the exhibition Lavasnow introduced a new model ASIC miner designed for mining crypto-currencies based on the algorithm Ethhash, which is cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, according to Coindesk.

According to the developers Linzhi its power consumption will be reduced 8 times compared to the E3 version of the Antminer Bitmain company, but despite the reduced power consumption of the hashing rate will be 86% higher in the new ASIC miner will be 1400 MH/s, whereas the Antminer E3 – 190 MH/s. The developer also noted that the miner can produce about $20 a day, despite the fact that E3 produces a total of $3.

Still unknown the final price of the new equipment and are still being worked on, but as representatives of the company to the miners it will be in April 2019.

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