New crypto currency exchange open in China, Korea and Indonesia


New crypto currency exchange open in China, Korea and Indonesia

Here’s the thing: the market falls and market infrastructure grows. Long so can not continue. Once the growth of the ecosystem will lead to the fact that cryptosphere as a black hole begins to suck everything that gets in the way. Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase, said that within five years the number of cryptomonadales will increase from 40 million to one billion. And all because cryptoanalysis not intend to retreat.

Shanghai, Hong Kong, Korea and Indonesia received a new platform for the exchange of digital assets. China was more fortunate of all: there were opened two stock exchanges. First, DeepToken Exchange in Shanghai. This is a very interesting project. The exchange has launched a service command DeepBrain Chain — Shanghai blockchain startups, krausel which took place in December 2017.

DeepBrain Chain relied on artificial intelligence. In fact, the network is an attempt to create a decentralized computing platform on which you can deploy various AI applications.

Potential DeepBrain Chain experts estimate is very high: proved itself as one of the leaders of the sector AI on the blockchain, the project can start to grow when you want. And now the project has announced the launch of a private exchange.

DeepToken Exchange is positioned as the first crypto currency exchange for the AI industry, which purpose — “to help worthwhile projects in the field of artificial intelligence to obtain the necessary funding.”

“DeepToken will be a service for funding AI companies a trading platform for digital assets startups from the areas of artificial intelligence, and will also support the launch of AI-products — to monitor and attract investment, says founder DeepToken Exchange and CEO of DeepBrain Chain young Hae. In the end, DeepToken will help create a new market for AI-tokens”.

One China project was started in Hong Kong. The company Bit One of Hong Kong Limited, said that the new crypto currency exchange Bitone Trade HK will start operating in September 2018.

Immediately after the opening, the exchange will offer users a list of the thirty most popular cryptocurrency. The creators of the project claim that in the future the list of the exchange will be significantly expanded — to the platform will add another hundred coins.

New crypto currency exchange open in Indonesia. It is just called Huobi Indonesia. Clearly, a branch of which company it is, right? The crypto currency exchange Huobi Indonesia, created in conjunction with the Asia Financial Group, will operate on the Cloud platform Huobi. Traders will have the opportunity to make transactions with more than a hundred assets. With 123 coins, to be exact. So far, the exchange offers three asset — USDT, BTC and ETH.

In addition, Indonesia runs a branch of one of krupneishih in South Korea exchange, Coinone. The new service offers six cryptocurrency BTC, BCH, LTC, QTUM, XRP and ETH.

In conclusion — good news from Korea. There is a new exchange Probit. The launch is scheduled for mid-October. Behind this project, Probit Private Limited announced that the platform will support 157 cryptocurrencies and eight languages including English, Korean and Chinese.

Say Probit can process over 1.5 million orders per second. To prevent break-ins 95% of the digital assets on this site will be stored on a cold wallet.

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