New energy-efficient chips for Samsung ASIC


Samsung Foundry, manufacturing plant, Samsung Electronics launched the production of 7-nm chip Low Power Plus (7LPP). According to the official press release from October 18, the new chip can reduce energy consumption by 50 percent.
New process technology based on extreme ultraviolet lithography (EUV) , allows to increase the density of transistors and thus to reduce power consumption. This can have a positive impact on miners that use hardware Samsung, as energy costs are a critical factor in the profitability of the industry.

As mining hardware is progressing rapidly, the chips are becoming smaller and more efficient. In April, Samsung released a 10-nm equipment DragonMint T1 Halong Mining company. According to Samsung, the new chip 7LPP on the basis of EUV will give impetus to the production of 3-nm chip in the future.

Samsung says it 7LPP will make a technological breakthrough in many fields: artificial intelligence ( AI ), the Internet of things ( IoT ), network configuration, automotive, 5G, and data centers.
While Samsung did not disclose the names of the first customers for the new chips. According to manufacturers of smartphones, supercomputers and other gadgets.
Charlie BAE (Bae Charlie), Executive Vice President of sales and marketing of foundry at Samsung Electronics, said that the introduction of a new chip 7LPP on EUV is a revolutionary milestone in the semiconductor industry. He stated that “a fundamental shift” production of semiconductor wafers will be a “best choice not only for mobile and high performance computing (HPC), but also for a wide range of devices.”

Recently the world’s largest manufacturer of semiconductor products Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (TSMC) predicted low demand for mining hardware that will hold back revenue growth in Q4 2018.

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