New Zealand captainvalor willingly gave the scammers $213 000


New Zealand captainvalor willingly gave the scammers $213 000

Law enforcement agencies of New Zealand addressed to the investors with an appeal not to respond to the launch of cryptocurrency projects that offer suspiciously high returns.

In the press center of the police Department said that a victim of fraudulent new project has become a local investor who lost 320 000 new Zealand dollars ($213 000). The Ministry clarified that the man, whose name has not been named, believed the announcement about the launch of high-yield cryptoprocta and invested their money.

The fraudster persuaded the investor to invest in the purchase of a number of digital assets, including bitcoin. Promised to return citizen and has not received, but the scammer contacted him and persuaded to continue investment, promising that soon the project will be released in profit.

The police stressed that often swindlers are represented by professional traders and they are able to convince future victims that they are correctly investing their money. In fact, the criminals exploit the natural human desire to get rich in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, law enforcement is urging New Zealanders in any case not to invest in projects that have arisen recently and work is opaque.

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