Nicolas Maduro urged citizens to invest in gold and El Petro


Nicolas Maduro urged citizens to invest in gold and El Petro

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called on citizens to store their own money in the form of gold and national cryptocurrency El Petro to strengthen the financial welfare of the family.

During his televised address, the President announced to the workers that soon they will start to receive supplements to their base salaries in El Petro, is piatogo Bolivar. Nicolas Maduro also advised legally to invest a portion of bonuses in gold and the national cryptowall. According to him, this will help to deal with the economic crisis.

The President of Venezuela approved the trade El Petro on six cryptomeria. He announced that now anyone will be able to convert bolivars and legitimate virtual currency in bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), dash (DASH), RIPL (XRP) or us dollars. The state will monitor the activities of the platforms, to ensure user safety and compliance with licensing requirements. Although one of the approved exchanges currently operates with zero trade.

Previously El Petro aroused a lot of suspicion and criticism as to its legality, security and capitalization. Some have even described the project as a Scam. In the new description of the cryptocurrency, says that she now provided by oil at only 50%, and the other half backed by 20% gold and iron and 10% diamonds.

The statement of Nicolas Maduro was not a surprise for citizens. He’s back in August promised to add El Petro to state the remuneration system.

Major changes have occurred in the Monero project. After a recent update Protocol to version 0.13.0, increased privacy of transaction, decreased their capacity, the Commission has changed the algorithm PoW.

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