Nigel green: Bitcoin will cease to dominate within 10 years


Co-founder and Executive Director of consulting company deVere Group that in the next 5-10 years, bitcoin will cease to dominate the stock market.

Green also believes that the whole cryptocurrency market will grow “by at least 5000%” in the coming years. I wonder what his prediction green made just a week before the tenth anniversary of the release of technical documentation for bitcoin.

“Next week at bitcoin, the first and still the most important cryptocurrency tenth anniversary. Cryptanalyse that have changed or are still changing many aspects of our lives, began with him,” he commented.

He added:

“I certainly wouldn’t want to upset anyone at stake, but I still believe that the impact of bitcoin on cryptosphere and his dominance will come to naught in the next decade”.

Their opinion green justifies the fact that cryptonote in General will become more diversifitsirovannoj as you join a growing number of private and public organizations. Mass adoption of cryptocurrency through blockchain numerous projects will increase competition in the market and will surpass bitcoin, says green.

He continued:

“Bitcoin surrenders to more breakthrough technological solutions, which will be based have not yet created a cryptocurrency. Every year we are increasingly moving away from Fiat currency, but the process will be much faster in the next ten years.”

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