Nigel green, deVere Group: the stock market will increase by 5000% in 10 years


The head of the investment company sure that the capitalization blockchain industry will grow to $20 trillion, and bitcoin will lose its leading position

In a leading position in the blockchain industry in the next 10 years will Ripple and Ethereum, and bitcoin lost its leadership, said the head of investment company deVere Group Nigel green. He suggested that during this time, the market capitalization of digital money will rise to $20 trillion, an increase of about 5,000%.

The specialist said that bitcoin has made a certain revolution, changing the approach to money. In the future, his influence will decline, while the sector broadened.

“The growth of the widespread adoption of the cryptocurrency will run more and more digital assets, organizations from the private and public sectors. This will lead to increased competition for bitcoins and reduce its market share,” said green.

He added that projects such as Ripple and Ethereum offer the best technology, functionality and problem-solving on the part of the developers. XRP is one of the main digital assets through its work with banks and other financial institutions, and the platform Vitalik Buterin increasingly used for various purposes.

Green said that among retail and institutional investors, there is now a growing interest in the cryptocurrency, and in the coming years this trend will only increase. So for the 20th anniversary of bitcoin, the situation in industry has changed significantly in a positive way, concluded the specialist.

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