Nine Japanese banks will test the payment system using cryptocurrencies


Nine Japanese banks will test the payment system using cryptocurrencies

Japanese Fujitsu became the technical partner of the project, the Japanese banking Association (JBA), providing for the testing of the payment system on the blockchain.

As reported by the company itself, we are talking about exploring the possibility of using the blockchain in the interbank payments system Zengin Net used by the Japanese banks.

It is noteworthy that payments will be made using cryptocurrency. Banks have decided to use their experience specially designed stablon with reference to the yen, to carry out all the calculations.

The main goal of the project is to explore the possibilities of the blockchain for the implementation of small-volume real-time transaction and the capabilities of technology in General. The role of Fujitsu in this project is the creation and maintenance of the blockchain the platform on which the payment is to be made.

It is assumed that a digital currency that will be used payments, will be produced Zengin Net at the request of the Bank-participant of the experiment, which will then be able to use it in interbank settlements with other banks.

This project is not the first experience with bloccano to Fujitsu: the company, in particular, is a developer and provider of cloud-based service for trading companies that allow you to record and process information about the various marketing techniques aimed at increasing sales.

In addition, in the Arsenal of Fujitsu and is a rather unusual service — proof of business at a price of €9.9 thousand that is how much is the initial cost of the Express course. For five days the Fujitsu specialists together with the customer undertake to determine how the blockchain can be used in his business, can the technology to optimize business processes, as well as whether it is needed.

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