Norilsk Nickel plans to release its own stablein


The head of Russia’s largest metallurgical company “Norilsk Nickel” Vladimir Potanin said in an interview with “Kommersant” that the MMC “Norilsk Nickel” in 2019 may issue stablein secured by metals companies.

Norilsk Nickel may soon release its own stablein provided their metals. According to the President of the company, it is an attempt to offer the market scriptactive “with less volatility than the famous cryptocurrency and more obvious link with the real values.”

“Stablein is cheap financing, and, thus, with the help of stabilin we can get to a brand new MMC range of investors with very large total capital”.

Potanin also said that Norilsk Nickel is working on a number of alternative projects of digital economy and is responsible for implementing and testing various digital technologies to analyze the big date within the enterprise. According to Potanin, the use of innovative solutions for the analysis of statistical data allows to save up to $25 million a year.

“Analysis of the flow of the source material to the processing plant, at different stages, to the crusher, the mill enables through the use of big date to compare the incoming parameters of the equipment, when there is source material, and parameters of tailings-waste that come under such conditions. A simple statistical comparison and analysis of data enables a countdown to tell, what indicators are most appropriate. Modern technology allows for the large amount of data statistically it is simple to perform and set the desired parameters. It would seem elementary, but the implementation on redistribution of this kind of technology would save $25 million a year. Such projects are now dozens of them, 21 of them already processed, and a plan of implementation.”

The head of “Norilsk Nickel” said that such data are of special value to many companies operating in related industries. Potanin also considering creating a company to supply digital solutions to the analysis of production.

We have previously reported that Norilsk Nickel is preparing to launch a number of cryptocurrency projects and for this the company has gathered a working group of the RSPP for the development of draft laws on the regulation of digital assets and any change in the existing draft laws and cryptocurrency.

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