Norwegian blockchain startup offers a reward of cryptocurrency for the cleaning of the beaches


Norwegian blockchain startup Empower offers a cryptocurrency community to clean the local beaches for a fee in the amount of one token EMP (equivalent to one US dollar) per kilogram of plastic waste.

This scheme is similar to the existing public system, in which people get 15-30 cents for the return to stores of plastic bottles for their further recycling.

According to the project website to get the reward needs to deliver the plastic waste to special collection points. In order to create transparency in the process used the technology of the blockchain.

Also clarifies that the funds for compensation come from their own Fund and donations. The resulting EMP tokens can be used in the ecosystem Empower or to sell for local currency.

CEO of a startup Wilhelm Meyer (Wilhelm Myer) is no stranger to environmental problem on the beach, as it is the volunteer founder of eco-project, Nordic Ocean Watch. In cryptocurrency industry, Meyer got only a year ago, but already in January 2018, he created the Empower project, which to date, the company has managed to collect more than 2,000 pounds of plastic waste.

This Mayer is not planning to stop at the end of October wants to start a similar system of garbage collection in Bali. In his future plans – introduction of rewards tokens for residents of the third world.

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