“Nothing sacred”: bots-scammers promise the distribution of crypts on behalf of the Pope


“Nothing sacred”: bots-scammers promise the distribution of crypts on behalf of the Pope

The use of fraudulently fake accounts with znamenitostey of cryptomeria or Elon musk — is still theoretically possible to predict and anticipate.

But the announcement of the distribution of bitcoins on behalf of Pope Francis to review the guardian of the throne of St. Peter is something fresh in the tactics of cryptonote Scam.

Perhaps the bet is placed on the inexperience of the cryptocurrency in the audience questions the head of the Catholic Church and its mass. In any case, the bot status is clearly not afraid of Hellfire and damnation.

However, given that bots are supported “distribution of bitcoins” Dad, lit up and in the same campaign which promised fabulous giveaway from Elon musk, of trouble no one is immune from celebrities, how far from cryptomeria.

Perhaps, more distant from the world of cryptocurrency and it is quite popular twitter account even had to try to find. Moreover, even the situation in the traditional financial markets in may was the subject of harsh criticism of the Vatican categorically condemned the concept of “profit for profit”.

In particular, from the office of the Pope especially got derivatives that kriptonyte lay such hopes.

We will remind that experts of Duo Security, who studied the activity of cryptonote Scam, came to the very definite conclusion — bots that promise fabulous giveaways, combined in a three-tier network, their actions are coordinated and well organized.


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