Now ADA can be stored in a multi-currency mobile Wallet Infinito


Now ADA can be stored in a multi-currency mobile Wallet Infinito

Team Infinito Wallet reports that beginning with version 1.15.0, all users will be able to securely store, send, receive, and check the transaction history of the ADA. Thanks to the update, the crypto has reached a new level, becoming the first mobile application that allows you to work with bloccano Cardano and cryptocurrency ADA. This step brought the developers to the implementation of strategic objectives – the creation of a leading universal wallet, a single tool for safe operations with all types of coins and tokens.

Infinito Wallet – the first universal mobile wallet with support for ADA

Up to the present time in the market there was only one wallet that supports ADA – Daedalus, the official desktop wallet is designed exclusively for Cardano ADA. Support ADA in a cross-platform wallet allows Wallet Infinito to offer an alternative solution for users to securely send and receive ADA convenient way through mobile application that will facilitate the greater use of ADA in the community. In addition, in the roadmap Universal Wallet are the support of the unique features of the blockchain Cardano, including algorithm Ouroboros.

C add support for ADA, purse Infinito has become the most versatile wallet for all tokens on the basis of the block chain smart contracts, like Ethereum, EOS, NEO, and polar cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, Litecoin, Dash, ETC and Dogecoin.

Close cooperation of developers and Infinito Cardano IOHK using the official project Cardano Rust allowed to effortlessly integrate support for ADA Infinito Wallet. Due to this, the owners of ADA can use Infinito Wallet as an ultralight alternative to mobile Wallet Dedalus, while maintaining maximum stability and safety.

IOHK has authorized Infinito adding your code to the project open source Cardano Rust for integration with a mobile wallet ADA. Team Infinito Wallet plans to continue to participate in the open source community Cardano.

What is Cardano and ADA?

Cardano is one of the leading blockchain platforms of the third generation, and space functioning cryptocurrency ADA. This virtual currency enables quick and direct transfer of funds protected by cryptography. To solve the many problems associated with cryptomnesia, Cardano is developing a platform for smart contracts to run financial applications used every day by individuals, organizations and governments around the world.

How to manage the ADA via Infinito Wallet

If the wallet is installed the first time, the ADA will be immediately enabled on your toolbar Infinito Wallet.

Current users can manually add ADA to your wallet.

Follow these instructions: Part 3 — How to add new coins in the Wallet Infinito.

Future plans

In the fourth quarter of 2018 Infinito Wallet will release the next update. In version 2.0, users will be asked to design a new UX/UI with more flexible configuration, ease of use and support of leading MainNet block chain, including Ontology, Stellar and NEM.

To encourage existing and attract new users, planning various promotions, including a referral program and free Airdrops. Official Telegram-group project in English, Japanese, Vietnamese or Chinese languages will help to prepare for them, and to learn about the latest changes in road maps.

Download Infinito Wallet

Information about the project

Infinito Wallet positions itself as the leading universal crypto, allowing users to maximise the efficiency of use of virtual currencies and their potential. With selective expansion of the partnership network, the project aims to create an ecosystem of practical services such as exchange, the solution of ID/KYC and other business-related services bloccano. In parallel, IW helps the developer community and businesses with an open technological infrastructure to create, run, and use innovative products.

Team Infinito Wallet has a large experience in the field of blockchain and consists of 70 people, including developers, designers, researchers, managers, marketers, and support personnel customers. The parent company of Infinity Blockchain Labs Europe was on the British Isle of man, the main mission of which is to create the best crypto in the world.

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