OKEx adds 4 new stablon until Bitfinex reassuring to the public


OKEx adds 4 new stablon until Bitfinex reassuring to the public

Major exchange with Chinese roots OKEx, it seems, one of the first to draw conclusions from night fall Tether.

OKEx announced the decision to add to the listing four dollar stablon — True USD USDCoin, Gemini Dollar, and Paxos Standard.

To create and Fund an account with any of these coins can be had today, is traded in pairs against bitcoin and the Tether will start tomorrow at 14:00 on Ronkonkoma time (09:00 Moscow time and Kiev time).

The message does not contain any additional parts, only the traditional reminder that cryptocurrency is a new investment product, subject to greater volatility and risks.

However, cryptosecurity hurried to associate it with the events on Bitfinex and night drop Tether, which caused a jump in the exchange rate of bitcoin and major cryptocurrency.

Meanwhile, Bitfinex has issued an announcement designed to reassure the public, but in fact said nothing new. The output of the Fiat works, replenishment of accounts in the Fiat “for certain categories of users” is not yet available, but will be restored, possibly within days. About the situation with the Tether word.

By mid-day on 15 October, the markets had stabilized, the bitcoin fell back to levels just below $6600 per coin. Tether is trading at levels around $0,97 (-2% in recent days).

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