On 29 September in Kiev will open a monument to Satoshi Nakamoto


On 29 September in Kiev will open a monument to Satoshi Nakamoto

A monument to the Creator of Bitcoin will be installed next to the Bessarabian market. However, the verb need to be quoted, after the monument Satoshi Nakamoto is virtual.

“This man never saw, so the monument will be as invisible as a person, after which it will be installed, reports the FB-event page. Monument Satoshi will be virtual. In this reality it is not, but in additional he will stand rooted to the spot.
29 Sep at 13:00 Kyiv time we invite you to take part in the solemn opening of the monument to Satoshi Nakamoto, the symbol of freedom and decentralization of society. This day will be significant in the history, the beginning of a new era of virtualization of modern cities”.

Virtual Nakamoto monument in Kiev — is the first phase of the global project within which the organization Satoshi Nakamoto Republic plans to install virtual Satoshi in different cities around the world. Until the end of 2018, such “monuments” will appear in Los Angeles and Miami.

This project engaged Ukrainian startup Raccoon.World that creates gadgets to interact with virtual reality. Monument Satoshi can be seen with a smartphone.

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