On the Internet sold AT a hacking bitcoin ATM


The Japanese company Trend Micro, specializing in cyber security, found available for purchase on the Internet malware for bitcoin ATMs.

The company is in the blog cited is published by the “clearly recognized and respected” by the user on one of the darknet forums. For $25 thousand cyber criminals are prompted to purchase malware for the bitcoin ATM, as well as ready-to-use cards with EMV and NFC capabilities.


EMV chips are developed by the providers of Bank cards for data storage in integrated circuits and not on the magnetic strip. NFC technology allows two electronic devices to perform wireless information exchange.

According to the explanations of the seller, the malware exploits a vulnerability in the bitcoin ATM allows you to receive the BTC equivalent of $6750 in dollars, euros or pounds sterling. According to Trend Micro, the seller probably earned by selling this and other products a lot of money because it has over 100 reviews.

“There is money, but in crypto a lot of money, cybercriminals will continue to develop tools and to expand into new profitable markets. The growth in the number of bitcoin ATMs can be expected that in the future there will be new forms of malware aimed at the cryptocurrency ATM,” said the Japanese company in the blog.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the number of installed bitcoin ATMs in the world have already exceeded 3 thousand. And according to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, from the beginning of 2017 was stolen cryptocurrency amounting to about $1.2 billion.

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