One of the first miners in two years, without fanfare, has sold 30 000 bitcoins


A recent analysis of bitcoin blocks showed that one of the earliest miners the last few years used the upward trend of the main cryptocurrency to gradually get rid of tens of thousands of coins. This writes the CCN.

In a recent tweet, Antoine Le Calvez, a data analyst from company Blockchain, which supports the eponymous wallet and bitcoin blockchain Explorer, reported that unknown bitcoin miner sent approximately 30,000 BTC on cryptocurrency exchanges in the period between December 2016 and January 2018, to be converted into cash.

According to Le Calvez, the mysterious miner was smart enough to capitalise on the early blocks of bitcoin and not to disclose unnecessary information about its activities.

Available information suggests that he was engaged in mining in the area of December 2009, when the bitcoin’s price fluctuated around $0 (in fact, the dollar parity was absent), and for mining cryptocurrency you can use an ordinary processor. Day bitcoin pizza as it is known, dates back to 2010. The researcher believes that the unknown was producing units at least seven months. During this time he managed more than 30,000 mined BTC as a reward for the unit was high and the competition was not enough.

Also Le Calvez does not exclude that this person was able to start mine before December 2009, but knowing that the waste of such old bitcoin will attract the attention, tried to hide the sale. Of course, we can assume that the mysterious miner was himself Satoshi Nakamoto, but Le Calvez has denied this version.

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