Only 16% of cryptoprocta can be considered decentralized


Only 16% of cryptoprocta can be considered decentralized

Resource Cryptocompare conducted a study of cryptocurrency projects on the subject of decentralization. It would seem that demand for such a study should not be, because the blockchain assumes the existence of a distributed database, but it is not so simple. It turns out only 16% of all P2P projects that offer the digital assets can be called decentralised.

Cryptocompare is an Analytics resource for captainvalor. The change in the value of assets, profit margins on individual tokens, and investment portfolios from various assets – all this can be found on the project website Cryptocompare.

From time to time the resource is conducting its own market research. Now we have the last
The 80-page document designed for investors and financial regulators. It gives a detailed breakdown of the two hundred digital cryptocurrency. For the assessment of each asset was used 30 different criteria that take into account economic, legal and technological nuances of these projects. But we are most interested in the point about decentralisation of advanced services.

Charles Hayter, CEO Cryptocompare, said that decentralization is an incredibly important characteristic of the projects. The decentralization ensures transparency of information and affects the interest in the project and investment products on the basis of its assets.

The results of the study in front of you. 55% of the projects are centralized services, 30% partly centralized, and only 16% decentralized. The attentive reader will pay attention to the mistake, because 55+30+16=101. But what to do, all wrong.

So, in the report section, dealing with centralization indicated that the approach of financial regulators to the definition of some of the projects can strongly influence the rating of their assets. In fact, if regulators can change the classification of tokens (e.g., to recognize their securities) the investor’s attitude to this project may change dramatically. These projects, analysts Cryptocompare called centralized.

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