Only 4% of the cryptocurrency exchanges are recognized as practically safe


Only 4% of the cryptocurrency exchanges are recognized as practically safe

According to a fresh report site that evaluates various parameters of the ICO projects and trading platforms, users of cryptocurrency are not protected from intruders and 54% of the cryptocurrency exchanges have one or the other serious flaw in the security system.

Report data show that even the largest cryptocurrency exchanges have problems with the protection of customer assets (remember the robbery of the Mt. Gox and the most recent incident of the Japanese stock exchange Zaif).

Analysts studied work 100 platforms vnutricletocnam trading volume of more than $1 million, the Experts drew attention to such aspects of the operation of stock exchanges, protection of credential, protection against unauthorized data changes domain registration (DNSSEC) and the presence of security extensions domain names because these parts of the system most often attacked. It turned out that only 2% of the cryptocurrency exchanges use the credential protection and only 10% is DNSSEC. Overall, only 4% of all exchanges effectively provide protection in four of the five aspects.

They also found that 41% of exchanges allows for passwords with less than eight characters, and 37% of alphanumeric passwords. Some sites even register an account without verification via e-mail. Only 46% meet all four parameters, and a tiny part of the exchanges (4%) has a really robust security system.

Most depressing is that none of the hundreds of major exchanges does not respond to 100% of the criteria However the closest to perfection Coinbase: it scored 89 points out of a possible 100. In second place Kraken — 80 points. Third place is shared by BitMEX and Gopax. Among the most secure of the exchanges also included Ethfinex, Bittrex and Binance. The worst indicators demonstrate and Mercatox (15 out of 100 points). The infamous Zaif, however, scored 29 points.

The study demonstrates that the exchanges still have work to do, and better not to tighten.

According to the materials of BTC Wires

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