OpenFinance has launched a platform for trading security-tokens


OpenFinance has launched a platform for trading security-tokens

ОpenFinance Network — adjustable American marketplace, specializing in the trading licenzirovanie assets. Recently, the startup has poured a lot of money to a crypto currency exchange Huobi, and these investments have not gone unnoticed: ОpenFinance Network has launched a platform for trading security-tokens.

The new service is an alternative trading system (Alternative Trading Systems, ATS). This term is used by U.S. and canadian regulators to refer to electronic marketplaces, which are set, are processed and executed the order. ATS is like the stock exchange, but working in accordance with the rules established for broker-dealers.

Now OpenFinance accredited and retail investors can trade security tokens. That is, tokens with properties of securities.

Now on the platform are traded tokens Sp8de (SPX), but in the very near future the creators of the service promise to add BCAP (assets Blockchain Capital, venture capital company, which is also an investor OpenFinance), Science, Protos, MintHealth, Corl, Bloxroute and Property Coin.

OpenFinance not the first blockchain-a startup decided to launch ATS. In recent months the work on the creation of such areas was reported by the representatives of Bittrex, Coinbase, Overstock and Templum.

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