Opera has partnered with Ledger Capital to explore the application of blockchain technology


The company Opera Software, the developer of the web browser and software package for the Internet, announced a strategic partnership with a consulting blockchain-company and financial services provider Capital Ledger.

In the framework of the strategic partnership the companies plan to explore further applications and examples of using blockchain technology, and explore growth opportunities blockchain-related products and technologies in the context of Opera Products.

Ledger Capital provides technological and financial Advisory services to various infrastructures, decentralized applications, multinational corporations and blockchain projects and initiatives undertaken by the government.

“We are delighted to be working with an innovator and industry leader such as Opera,” said Ding an fey, managing partner of Capital Ledger. “Opera has already taken the lead among browser integration innovative cryptocurrency wallets and attracting investments from leading cryptocurrency companies, including Bitmain. We will study various options for the development of Opera in the industry of cryptocurrency with the aim of creating a fundamentally new blockchain-based products for the current user base, Opera and representatives of the blockchain community.”

Note, last week, rockmelt launched a beta test of browser “Labs” with usscreen cryptocurrency wallet which supports Ethereum tokens and ERC-20. The latest version of Opera for Android, which is currently available in private beta, is also equipped with easy to use, integrated cryptocurrency wallet.

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